The wood of the Paveillais is ideally placed close to the tiny village where you can walk (about 20 minutes), bicycle or why not drive...
Beyond Ewan, and within a radius of 50 km you will find the many riches of the region, some very known as Saint Malo, Mont St Michel, Dinan, Dinard and Rennes. Other places less known, less frequent but quite newsworthy will know how to charm you, you interest; the forest of Brocéliande and its legends, the canal of Ille and Rance and its locks...
The members of the association who naturally know the area well will you advise and inform you according to your interests. And if you enjoy to visit our region, you will take great pleasure also in the evening to return to our land, place of calm and serenity.


Our field is in the commune of EWAN, common dynamics of 5000 inhabitants. Once left the village limits, you find yourself quickly in a nice country where forest areas alternate with grasslands and grain fields.

You will find all the shops you may need, but also a shopping center with distribution of fuels and gas. A small market will you provide you with local products on Friday night. You will be able also to go to the restaurant.

A bus service can eventually move on Rennes.



30 km from Rennes to St Malo, Bécherel is one of the highlights of the departments of Ille and Vilaine (176 m of altitude) and dominates its walls the Rance Valley.

Today small city of city caractereet of the book. This old rock-strong military has kept track of the different periods which have marked its tumultuous history.

Booksellers, second-hand dealers, art dealers, sculptors, painters, calligraphers, bookbinders, wake up loaded history facades and resurrecting the ancient heart.


The "Grand Rennes" is organized around the city center, strong of its 210,000 inhabitants, separated from the rest of the aglomeration by a green belt. This particular urbanism made it possible to preserve the identity of suburban communes of generally rural essence. Reindeer Métropole has preserved vast agricultural areas in a rich basin and many natural sites, along notably the Vilaine and its tributaries.


The battles of 1944 devastate the port and destroy the intramural to 80%. If reconstruction has restored to him his legendary figure, Saint Malo, quoted historical and maritime splendor, has since equipment essential to one of the highest places of tourism in Britain and the first port on its North side.

The city Corsair cultivates its nautical image and worth it to dispose of the nautical station France quality label. Therefore logically that Saint Malo is the scene of many major events, such as the Route du Rhum or the transat Québec/Saint-Malo.


Little Oyster port.


Wonder of the West, the mont St Michel is located in the heart of an immense Bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe.

This great spiritual and intellectual home was with Romme and St Jacques de Compostel, one of the most important pilgrimages of the medieval West. For nearly a thousand years of men, women, children came, by roads called paths of paradise, with the Archangel of judgement, weigher of souls the assurance of eternity.

The celebration of the monastic Millenium in 1966 prior to the installation of a religious community in the former home Abbey perpetuant the first vocation of this place; prayer and hospitality. The brothers and sisters of the monastic fraternities of Jerusalem provide this spiritual presence since 2001.

Parallel to the development of the Abbey village is organized of the middle ages. It thrives on the southern flank the rock East, away from walls dating back mostly to the hundred years war. This village has since always a commercial vocation.

Listed world heritage by the Unesco in 1979, this tourist Mecca receives more than 3 million visitors a year.